Sierra Pest Control has served the greater Placer area for over 40 years!

Sierra Pest Control is located in the Auburn California area and serves all of Placer County and the surrounding communities.

Poison Oak

Don't cut it! If cut or sprayed at the wrong time of year (or with the wrong herbicide) you will be fighting the stuff for years. We have been successfully ridding properties of the rash causing plant for over 40 years.

Pine Beetles

When trees are stressed from consruction or periods of little moisture they become susceptible to predators. This is especially true of pine trees to the bark beetle. Proper application of insecticides can save infected trees and protect them from future attacks.

Ants & Creepy Crawlies

Previously ant control was sometimes ineffective, now, with Termidor, callbacks have been virtually eliminated. / / CC BY-ND 2.0